The VI Eastern Europe and Central Asia AIDS Conference

The VI Eastern Europe and Central Asia AIDS Conference was held in Moscow on April  18-20, 2018. Presentations from about 3000 delegates from 63 countries were grouped in the four thematic areas: “Science and Medicine”, “Promoting International Development”, “Effective Prevention”, and “Civil society”.  Three panels were specifically devoted to discussing access of migrants to medical help and disease prevention services.  

Consultations on Combating Human Trafficking in CSTO format

On 16 June 2017 a coordination meeting of competent representatives of law-enforcement (LE) agencies of CSTO countries took place in Moscow. The meeting was attended by the representatives of IOM Moscow, CSTO Secretariat and representatives of CSTO member states (Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan). The participants exchanged information on the results of work of relevant departments of the interior and security agencies in CSTO states during the implementation of a CT operation 2016.

5th All-Russian scientific-practical conference “Russian language and problems for socio-cultural adaptation of foreign nationals in the Russian Federation”

On 1 June 2017 the 5th All-Russian scientific-practical conference “Russian language and problems for socio-cultural adaptation of foreign nationals in the Russian Federation” was held in the RUDN University. The Conference was attended by the representatives of more than 150 scientific and educational institutions located both in Russia and abroad, who deal with teaching and training the Russian language, as well as the representatives of a number of public, religious and international entities, including IOM Moscow.

Cooperation with the Russian State Social University

On 17 April 2017 IOM Moscow representatives took part in the Scientific Conference, organized by the Russian State Social University for the students of the Sociological Department. The future sociologists made researches by conducting interviews with the members of their families regarding the role of migration processes in the history of their generations. Students showed an enthusiasm and interest while making presentations of their research work, as well as demonstrated good analytical, presentation skills and knowledge of different types of migration process.

Cooperation with Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

On 12 April 2017 III session of Scientific and Methodological Association on Migration and Demographic Processes was held in Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. The event was attended by a number of representatives of the Russian scientific and educational institutions, as well as by the member of Global Migration Policy Association (Geneva, Switzerland), and by IOM Moscow representative.


On 27 and 28 March 2017 IOM Director General and IOM Moscow Chief of Mission visited St. Petersburg to take part in the Inaugural Plenary Session of the Interparliamentary Assembly of Member Nations of the Commonwealth of Independent States and in Parliamentary Conference on Combating International Terrorism, which was organized by IPA CIS and PA OSCE in Tavrichesky Palace.

Global Migration Film Festival 2016

International Organization for Migration launched a Global Migration Film Festival between 5-18 December 2016, bookended by IOM’s 65th anniversary and International Migrants Day.
Over 80 IOM missions and regional offices worldwide screened movies that capture the beauty and challenges of migration by bringing these realities to audiences around the world. The Film Festival is a part of the UN Secretary General’s global campaign “Together” to change negative perceptions and attitudes towards migrants, and to strengthen the social contract between host countries, communities, refugees and migrants.

International Film Festival on Human Rights “Stalker”

On 14 December 2016 IOM Moscow introduced a number of short movies, which focus on migration, complexities of cultural diversity, as well as challenges of migration, such as human trafficking, discrimination and human right violations by bringing these realities to the audience and media within the International film festival “Stalker”.
The movies screening was held at the Cinema of the Central House of Journalist and was followed by the discussion within the framework of the round table: “The role of information in prevention and combating trafficking in persons”. The issues of necessity of promotion awareness-raising campaigns aimed at persons at risk of being trafficked and at the general public through education and the effective involvement of the mass media, non-governmental organizations, the private sector and community leaders with a view to discouraging the demand that fosters the exploitation of persons, especially women and children, and creation of a climate of zero tolerance towards different forms of exploitation in the modern society were highlighted by the participants during the work of the round table.