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International Dialogue on Migration



IOMs International Dialogue on Migration (IDM) is an opportunity for governments, inter-governmental and non- governmental organizations and other stakeholders to discuss migration policy issues, in order to explore and study policy issues of common interest and cooperate in addressing them.


This is in keeping with IOM's purposes and functions, one of which is "to provide a forum to States as well as international and other organizations for the exchange of views and experiences, and the promotion of co-operation and co-ordination of efforts on international migration issues, including studies on such issues in order to develop practical solutions" (Article 1.1(e), Constitution of the International Organization of Migration).


This function is confirmed in the IOM Strategy Document, adopted by the organization's Member States in June 2007, which states that one of IOM's activities is "to promote, facilitate and support regional and global debate and dialogue on migration, including through the International Dialogue on Migration, so as to advance understanding of the opportunities and challenges it presents, the identification and development of effective policies for addressing those challenges and to identify comprehensive approaches and measures for advancing international cooperation" (activity 7, IOM Strategy).


The IDM was launched at the 50th anniversary session of the IOM Council in 2001 and since then has provided a forum for migration dialogue.


The dialogue takes place at the annual Council sessions and at intersessional workshops that explore the multidisciplinary aspects of migration and foster important linkages with related policy fields (e.g., trade, health, development).


Intersessional workshops are often organized in partnership with other organizations and institutions and with the support of donor governments.


The results of each dialogue are published in the International Dialogue on Migration Series.


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