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For two consecutive years (2011, 2012) Moscow Information-Resource Center assistants are invited to conduct educational training to the summer camp, where pilot project on establishment of summer camp for young migrants was run upon the initiative of “Aga Khan” organization.

Organization of such camps appeal to help young migrant to naturalize in different ethnic and confessional environment – on the one hand, and save their national, religious and cultural identity – on the other, and also to provide new opportunities for self-improvement and development of migrants. For the period of two weeks about twenty five young people (mostly from Tajikistan) at the age of 18-25 years, from all Russian regions: from Saint-Petersburg to Novokuznetsk cities, participate in the summer school. IOM consultants successfully conduct theoretical and practical parts of the trainings while the participants demonstrate vivid interest and creative approach during the study process.



On April 29, 2012 upon invitation from Center of migrant assistance “Opora Druzhby” Information-Resource Centre specialists conducted training on health issues for Tajik labour migrants, men and women.

In the classroom, equipped with the computers with free Internet access, on a big TV screen, Information-resource center consultants made two presentations, one of which was devoted to the legal aspects of receiving emergency and planned medical services by foreigners in Russia (adults and children) and also getting medical examination for proceeding work permit in Russia. Issues of getting medical assistance by pregnant migrant women in period of pregnancy and childbirth were highlighted additionally. The following presentation was devoted to the Tuberculosis problem. Main reasons, symptoms of Tuberculosis, precautionary measures and procedures in case of detection of this illness among foreign citizens, their children and friends were explained in very popular way.

Health issues and protection of human rights was perceived with a huge interest and understanding among labour migrants. Taking into account a large quantity of interested labour migrants and the necessity of raising the awareness among them on their rights and obligations during the residing and working period in Russia, it was agreed to conduct such trainings on a constant base.



On June 12-13, 2012 the training for “Union of crisis centers” operators was held in Almaty in frames of Regional programme on labour migration in Central Asia and Russia with the aim of the hot-line potential’s increasing in field of migration legislation for wider informing citizens on migration issues and prevention of irregular migration.

Information-resource center consultant was invited as one of the trainer to Almaty. As a result of the conducted training, hot-line operators got acquainted with the common tendencies of the migration process in the world, were informed on the current legislation according migration issues in Kazakhstan, got acquainted with the experience of the Information –resource center IOM Moscow activity and methods of work with the foreign citizens. Also the representative from the International organization for migration in Kazakhstan presented the new version of the enhanced data base on receiving applications to the operators.

The training was conducted in the interactive way, the operators took active participation and asked questions they were interested in. Also several practical exercises were presented to the attention of the participants for the strengthening of the received knowledge and skills and were successfully fulfilled.



Bureau of International organization for migration took part in the activity “Together We Fight against TB!” which was organized in frames of All-Russian drawing contest and devoted to the World Day of Fight against TB.

In 2011 we mark 100 years since the first anti-TB Action in Russia “The White Flower of Life” with the symbol of white chamomile, known all over the world. The Russian Red Cross is one of the most active organizers and implementers of this Action. This anniversary year the Russian Red Cross announced the all-Russia Contest of Children Drawings under the slogan “Together We Fight against TB!”, devoted to 24th of March - World TB Day .

This year the Bureau of IOM in Moscow joined the initiative of the contest organization, and on the 3rd of March IOM colleagues did a mini-performance for migrants’ children and their teachers in Moscow school of Russian language #1450. In course of the play children knew about the essence of the TB problem and about importance of joint fight against tuberculosis of medical workers and the society. The scenario of the performance based on the plot of the popular Russian children’s tale “Doctor Ai-Bolit“, which tells about the doctor who was curing cubs and small children and taught them what to do to stay strong and healthy. Children have also took part in the brain storm play “Chamomile” –discussing the topic “How not to develop TB”. Children correctly named important measures for protection of own health and health of other people. In the end of the performance IOM colleagues announced the conditions of the contest of drawings and gave presents: materials for drawing for each child.

Teachers warmly thanked IOM staff members for the care and interest towards the kids and their health, and expressed desire for future cooperation.

On the 18th of March 2011 in the premises of the museum of the Russian Red Cross the jury of the Contest announced the winners. IOM Moscow has prepared ten prices for such achievements as “The Best Pencil-Work”, “For Thematic Presentation”, “For Originality”, the winners were awarded memorable gifts (plays and books). All migrants’ children received colorful certificated from IOM.



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