International Recruitment Integrity System (IRIS)

The International Recruitment Integrity System (IRIS) is an international voluntary "ethical recruitment" framework that will benefit all stakeholders in the labour migration process. IRIS will provide a platform for addressing unfair recruitment and bridge international regulatory gaps governing labour recruitment in countries of origin and destination.

  • IRIS aims to create a public-private alliance of like-minded governments, employers, recruiters and other partners committed to ethical recruitment.
  • IRIS will develop a voluntary accreditation framework so that its members can be recognized as bona fide fair recruiters and distinguish themselves from unscrupulous intermediaries. Accreditation will be based on adherence to common principles for ethical recruitment and a code of conduct which will include:
    • No fee charging to job seekers
    • No retention of workers’ passports or identity documents
    • A requirement for transparency in their labour supply chain
  • Job seekers will have better information regarding ethical recruitment though an information portal and publicly available roster of accredited IRIS members internationally
  • IRIS will administer a complaints and referral mechanism to assist victims of unethical or illegal recruiters to file grievances with the appropriate authorities
IRIS Brochure

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