Cooperation with the Russian State Social University

On 17 April 2017 IOM Moscow representatives took part in the Scientific Conference, organized by the Russian State Social University for the students of the Sociological Department. The future sociologists made researches by conducting interviews with the members of their families regarding the role of migration processes in the history of their generations. Students showed an enthusiasm and interest while making presentations of their research work, as well as demonstrated good analytical, presentation skills and knowledge of different types of migration process.

IOM Moscow representatives made presentation on IOM activities worldwide and the significant role of the sociological researches of the migration process, including family migration. According to IOM Moscow representative, human mobility affects and increasing number of families, their structure, life-style, well-being and cohesion. A proper assessment of multifaceted impacts and effects of migration on the family unit requires more studies and research, as well as a better understanding of the vital link between migration and families. A lack of statistics concerning family migration, in particular concerning those most vulnerable, such as women, unaccompanied children and the elderly left behind. It was also pointed out that available data on the impact of migration on family members tends to focus on the positive aspects and thus overshadows the many adverse and negative emotional, psychological and social impacts. An objective assessment of the situation requires a balanced approach that avoids prioritizing.

Upon the results of the round table, the materials of the round table with the students’ essays will be published by University.