International Film Festival on Human Rights “Stalker”

On 14 December 2016 IOM Moscow introduced a number of short movies, which focus on migration, complexities of cultural diversity, as well as challenges of migration, such as human trafficking, discrimination and human right violations by bringing these realities to the audience and media within the International film festival “Stalker”.

The movies screening was held at the Cinema of the Central House of Journalist and was followed by the discussion within the framework of the round table: “The role of information in prevention and combating trafficking in persons”. The issues of necessity of promotion awareness-raising campaigns aimed at persons at risk of being trafficked and at the general public through education and the effective involvement of the mass media, non-governmental organizations, the private sector and community leaders with a view to discouraging the demand that fosters the exploitation of persons, especially women and children, and creation of a climate of zero tolerance towards different forms of exploitation in the modern society were highlighted by the participants during the work of the round table.

Representatives of the state authorities, non-governmental organizations, film producers, participants of the festival and media took part in this event.