IOM Moscow Chief of Mission met with the FMS Russia Director

On 01 December, 2011 Konstantin Romodanovskiy, FMS Russia Director, had a meeting with Enrico Ponziani, IOM Moscow Chief of Mission.

Mr. Ponziani conveyed his thanks to the Head of the Federal Migration Service for fruitful cooperation in the area of migration, including cooperation in the area of labour and irregular migration, readmission, etc. “IOM Moscow produced an analytical report on the current situation and the development of migration legislation in Russia, with a particular focus on admission and usage of foreign labour.” Mr. Romodanovskiy conveyed his own thanks for concrete recommendations on the development of migration legislation in Russia. “Regardless of whether or not we implement your suggestions, it is essential for us to know them!”

During the discussion on the current migration situation, the FMS Russia Director stressed: “We are trying to follow the principle that the greater the number of legal migrants, the smaller the number of migrants with irregular status.”

IOM Moscow’s Chief of Mission wished the Director of FMS Russia good luck with his work in the area of migration and expressed hope that cooperation between the Federal Migration Service and the International Organization for Migration will continue to be effective and fruitful.

Based on the materials of the FMS Russia press-service