Meeting between IOM Moscow Chief of Mission and CSTO Deputy Secretary General

On October 27 2015 a meeting between IOM Moscow Chief of Mission Mr. Z.Zigic and CSTO Deputy Secretary General Mr. V.Semerikov took place.

The participants once more confirmed a high level of current practical cooperation and its dynamic development.

A unanimous opinion on feasibility of increased participation of IOM representatives in events conducted by the Coordination Council of the Heads of the CSTO Competent Authorities on Counteracting Illegal Migration was expressed. Such participation may be performed through submitting expert assessments on the agenda and presenting relevant best international practices.

The intention on continuing the practice to conduct mutual events (consultations, round tables etc.) on the topic of counteracting trafficking in human beings has been reaffirmed. Thus, in January 2016 (tentatively on 21 January) a gathering and a conference for contact persons of the competent authorities of the CSTO MS on coordination and interaction in the implementation of Complex of Operational-Investigative Activities and Special Operation on Counteracting Trafficking in Human Beings in 2016 will be held.

The outcomes of the coordinated operational activities and special operations on fight against human trafficking carried out in 2014 corroborated the feasibility and necessity for further consolidated activities of the CSTO MS’s competent authorities on counteracting criminal communities operating in the area in question.

During the meeting the participants exchanged views on present migration situation in CSTO countries and steps undertaken to counteract irregular migration.

According to the information transmitted the CSTO MS consider IOM as one of the most pro-active and efficient partner in the field of counteracting irregular migration and trafficking in human beings.