Migration Bridges in Eurasia 2013

On 23-24 October 2013 in the premises of main building of the Russian Academy of Sciences V International Conference “Labour Migration in the Russian Federation: Prevention of Forced Labour, Promotion of Socio-Economic Development, Improvement Regulation” took place. The conference was organized within the international symposium “Migration Bridges in Eurasia”.

Deputy Director of IOM Moscow welcomed the participants of the conference. During a two-day symposium representatives of IOM Moscow made presentations within two "round tables" on relevant topics: “Influence of organized recruitment as a method of employment for social and economic status of migrants workers” and “IOM Moscow activity in the prevention of human trafficking”.

Also the following “round tables” were held: “Migration between Russia and the Partner Countries in East and South-East Asia”, “The Best Practices of Migration management in Foreign Countries”, “Russian-Turkish Migration System”, “Labour Migration to Russia from Central Asia”, “Attraction of Highly Skilled Migrants, Education Migrants and Return of Compatriots to Russia”.