New publication - "Practices of using patents as work permit documents by migrant workers in Russia: research results"

Currently, migration legislation and the practice of regulating labour migration are continuing to develop. Introducing patents as a special form of work permit document for foreign nationals to allow employment in individual private households in Russia from July 1, 2010 has become one of such recent changes in this area. To some extent, this legislative innovation has become revolutionary in a sense that by the start of 2012, it allowed for the legalization of about 1 million migrant workers who were previously illegally employed as domestic workers in private individual households in Russia. The publication represents the results of the empirical study of the practice of using patents as a specific form of work permit document by migrant workers in Russia, to detect immediate results and spot the remaining problematic areas of the patent system in the Russian Federation. This research was conducted by the research group of the Center of Social Demography and Economic Sociology of the Institute of Socio-Political Studies of the Russian Academy of Science, with Professor Ryazantsev S. V. upon the initiative from IOM Moscow, within the framework of Central Asia Regional Migration Programme in November 2011- February 2012.