Presentation of IOM Moscow human trafficking movie

Presentation of IOM human trafficking movie was held on 14 April 2016 within the International film festival “8 women”, dedicated to work of female movie makers, and organized by the Russian Union of Journalists and Gilde of Movie Makers.

The main goal of this special event, which took place on 14 April, was to reach out to a broader public and to raise awareness about profound danger of the human trafficking amongst the Russian society.

"4 women", a documentary film, directed by Anna Slavina, and supported by IOM Moscow, deals with the often unspeakable realities of human trafficking and modern slavery. The heroines of the movie came to Russia with the purpose to work but found themselves in the situation of modern slaver. After being rescued and going through the programme of rehabilitation, they decided to share their stories with the audience.

The 22 minute movie screening was followed by the discussion with the audiences. The special attention was brought to the issue of supporting of shelters facilities for victims of trafficking of human beings and the necessity to further develop of more complex referral mechanism. The audience demonstrated the real interest to the issue of prevention of human trafficking and actively participated in the discussion.

The necessity of maintaining visibility of the human trafficking agenda at the large scale was highly supported by guests and organizers of the festival.