Study-Trip to Italy

On 10 -13 July 2012, IOM Moscow within the project “Preventing and Counter-Acting Trafficking in Human Beings in the Russian Federation” organized a study trip of Russian interagency delegation to Rome, Italy.

Representatives of the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation, Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, Coordination Council of Prosecutors General of CIS member-states, Russian Advocates Guild took part in the study visit.

The delegation held a series of intense working meetings with a number of key institutions of Italy dealing with the problems of illegal migration, human trafficking and provision of assistance to victims. In particular working meetings were held with the senior specialists and management of the Department of Civil Liberties and Immigration of the Ministry of Interior, Department of Equal Opportunities, Central Directorate of Immigration and Border Police and with the Anti-Crime Central Directorate of Central Operational Service of State Police.

On 12 July the delegates met with the senior officers of Carabineers Corps. Founded in 1814, this organization is a special militarized formation with wide spectrum of police authorities. During military missions Carabineers are under command of the Ministry of Defense, and when they are involved in police operations – they are under the Ministry of Interior.

The meeting was organized in the premises of the Ministry of Labour; labour inspectors serving in specialized Carabineers units are under jurisdiction of the Ministry of Labour. Labour inspectors control and examine enterprises, plants and factories all over Italy, control the compliance of labour contracts, reveal violations of labour legislation.

The issues of counteraction to the use of illegal labour, to exploitation of minors and vulnerable groups of population and other issues of the same nature are also under their competence.

During the meeting a special attention was given to the issues of investigating trafficking in persons for forced labour: participants discussed range of challenges and operational experiences with a specific focus on joint investigations with countries of origin.

On the same day there was a meeting with the Head of National Antimafia Directorate.

According to the Law #8, dated 20 January 1992, National Antimafia Directorate was established within the Office of the Prosecutor General. National Antimafia Directorate coordinates activities of District departments, secure the linkage between law enforcement and judicial bodies.

In 2002 National Antimafia Directorate and Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation signed a Memorandum on Cooperation. During this meeting representatives of the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation came up with the proposal to start developing a draft of the same kind of Memorandum with the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation.

During the visit the Russian delegates held a meeting with Director of IOM Coordinating Office for the Mediterranean and Liaison Mission in Italy and Malta.

The participants from both sides emphasized high benefit of open direct dialogue during personal meetings and importance of information and experience exchange.