“We are in Russia” - a new CARMP publication: a magazine for migrants coming to Russia for work

In June 2012 a new brochure We are in Russia for migrants, who came to Russia for work, was published by IOM Moscow. This publication of a handy magazine format was developed by IOM Moscow and UN Women colleagues within the framework of Central Asia Regional Migration Programme (CARMP). A thematic content of this brochure is a sequel of Kamilla – a magazine for women labour migrants, working in Russia.

“We are in Russia” is more tailored to men audience, but still it will be interesting to women. We repeat ourselves saying that, this magazine appeal to special male audience: labour migrants, who arrived to Russia with a purpose of work all alone or came together with their families.

Headings of the magazine are sorted in a way allowing easy access to answers to many questions within a wide spectrum of issues, such as migration registration, procedure of issuing work permits, signing a contract, receiving additional education, search for a job and accommodation, migrant remittances, health and social protection issues.

Coming for a work to another country is always a big responsibility that falls on shoulders of labour migrants. In order to make right decisions and feel confident while being in Russia it is necessary to know about all aspects of staying in Russia well in advance. Thereupon, information dissemination and consultative activities of CARMP colleagues, our joint consistent approach in developing and delivering informational materials are very important.

Articles on health issues, family and relations with kids are very important in the publication. Reader will find lots of practical useful contact details of medical institutions providing cheap medical assistance, as well as emergency assistance contact phones. Reader will find information on how to deal with stress and aggression in family, on healthy food and cooking recipes, advice on family planning.

Bright short stories-comics, painted by a group of talented artists, are a salt of the publication. Telling about young woman Malika who works in Russia with patent and about young man who finally has understood that it is very important to sign a labour contract – comics look very good in this brochure. They can also be disseminated separately both in paper and electronic format.

We hope that people coming to Russia for work will find a lot of useful information and good advice on pages of this new magazine.