Working meeting among representatives of the Federal Migration Service and the regional/city courts

On March 10, 2011, a working meeting among representatives of the Federal Migration Service, other competent authorities in the sphere of migration and human rights and the regional/city courts from Pskov, Rostov-on-Don and Moscow oblast was held in “Education method and readmission center ‘Bolshevo’”. The meeting was organized within the EU project “Development of Administrative Mechanisms in Support of Readmission of Migrants in the Russian Federation”, implemented by IOM Moscow jointly with FMS of Russia.

The initiative of such meeting has been put forward during a thematic “round table” in Rostov-on-Don, which took place in December 2010, during which further development of interagency cooperation in the field of readmission was discussed. In particular, representatives of the FMS of Russia and the leadership of the Department of the FMS of Russia in the Rostov region indicated that the main aspects of placement foreign citizens in the special facilities - readmission centers - should be elaborated on a joint meeting among representatives of the FMS of Russia and the courts of the regions where the readmission centers are functioning to develop concerted approaches and to discuss procedural and organizational issues.

This recommendation has been fully taken into account when organizing a working meeting in Readmission Centre “Bolshevo”. The following topics were discussed: legislative base for placing persons subject to readmission to the special facilities of FMS of Russia - readmission centers; specifics of placement in the centres of various categories of persons (third-country nationals and foreign nationals, subject to readmission identified in Russia, including those without documents or with forged documents; minors, etc.); procedure of extension of the period of stay in the readmission centres; improvement of legislation, proposals on amendments to the legislation; cooperation between governmental and non-governmental organizations including, ensuring the rights of migrants placed into the readmission centers, with the help of social structures - in particular, the possibility of creating observatory committees in the regions.

Representatives of the courts together with the FMS of Russia have worked on the issues of procedure and required documents to ensure the process of placing a foreign citizen subject to readmission in readmission centers.

Also, during the meeting experience in the same area of one of the countries of the European Union - Poland - was presented. The representative of the court of the town of Belaya Podleska, where the migrant detention centers is situated, told about the procedure of placement in the center; the interaction between the courts and competent authorities, as well as between governmental and non-governmental bodies; the possibility of filing appeals, and presented useful examples from judicial practice.

The participants welcomed the meeting, and noted that important practical results, contributing to the development of interagency cooperation in the field of readmission, have been achieved.